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If Christopher Hitchens' acts will now prolong this shit for one extra day, he should be left alone on a desert isle, where the lack of attention will cause him to eat his own flesh.

An Evil Entity who has done away with Paula and taken possession of her computor.

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>GOP Wants Statements on Record
>Filed at 6:49 p.m. EST
>By The Associated Press
>WASHINGTON (AP) -- House prosecutors made a last-ditch effort Monday to make
>an issue of presidential aide Sidney Blumenthal's truthfulnesss, but
>affidavits they tried to introduce at the impeachment trial may open the
>door for a criminal investigation elsewhere.
>The Justice Department or prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office could wind up
>delving into Blumenthal's Senate testimony last week, in which he denied
>feeding the news media President Clinton's false account from January 1998
>about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
>Over the weekend, journalist Christopher Hitchens and his wife signed
>affidavits stating that Blumenthal told them that the former White House
>intern was a stalker. Journalist Scott Armstrong signed an affidavit Monday
>saying he was told by Hitchens and his wife, Carol Blue, about their
>conversation with Blumenthal and the ``stalker'' comment.
>Regarding the possibility of a criminal probe of Blumenthal, Starr spokesman
>Charles Bakaly declined to comment and Justice Department spokesman Myron
>Marlin said there's been no formal referral from Congress.
>One of Starr's independent counsel predecessors, prosecutor Lawrence Walsh,
>won a guilty plea from retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Richard Secord for making
>a false statement in a congressional deposition.
>Secord lied in telling investigators on Capitol Hill he had not been aware
>any money from his business dealings in the Iran-Contra affair going to
>White House aide Oliver North. Secord used some of the Iran-Contra proceeds
>to pay for a $13,800 security fence at North's home.
>House managers pressed the Senate to subpoena the three journalists.
>``The president may have engaged in an intimidation campaign'' against Ms.
>Lewinsky in January 1998 and Blumenthal ``may have testified falsely before
>the Senate,'' House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde wrote the Senate
>majority and minority leaders.
>According to Blumenthal, he was told by the president in January 1998 that
>Ms. Lewinsky said her peers referred to her as ``the stalker'' and Clinton
>said he'd rebuffed a sexual demand she made on him.
>Last week, Blumenthal told the Senate that ``I never told any of my
>colleagues about what the president told me. ... I didn't mention it to my
>friends, I didn't mention it to my family, besides my wife. ... And I
>certainly never mentioned it to any reporter.''
>Blumenthal told the Senate that ``I talked about Monica Lewinsky with all
>sorts of people, my mother, my friends, about what was in the news stories
>every day ... but when it came to talking about her personally, I drew a
>In a statement Sunday, Blumenthal said that he was never a source for any
>story about Monica Lewinsky's personal life and that ``I did not reveal what
>the president told me to any reporter.''
>Blumenthal said that ``as I testified to the Senate, I talked every day
>about the stories in the news concerning Miss Lewinsky to my friends and
>family, just as everyone else is doing.''
>There was an apparent inconsistency in the affidavits.
>Hitchens said the conversation with Blumenthal occurred March 19, 1998.
>Armstrong said his conversation with Hitchens and his wife occurred ``on or
>about March 18.'' In an interview, Hitchens said the credit card receipt is
>dated March 19, but that an appointment calendar showed the luncheon with
>Blumenthal occurred March 17. Hitchens said further investigation would pin
>down the date and that in any event, Blumenthal has not contest that it
>occurred, simply that Blumenthal does not remember what was said.

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