chasing amy

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Tue Feb 9 08:53:43 PST 1999

Gad, Liza, that was FAB. You brought it ALL back for me. I hadn't seen it since it first came out. But spot on to everything.

I don't recall anyone in my circle at the time--musicians, nonacademic bi's, lesbians-- saying that they liked it. Everyone hated it. They didn't like the idea that this narrative was being presented to the mainstream audience. They feared that it would be interpreted as proof that sexual orientation wasn't genetically determined and, of course, reinforcement for the already circulating fantasy that if a lesbian just gets laid by the right MAN she would see the error of her ways. Oh and I know that some were pissed about the scene were her les friends treat her as some sort of outcast. More stereotyping, they thought, more reason for people to believe that lesbians are only lesbians because they hang with lesbians

I hated it b/c of the female lead--her voice, ugh, it was awful. But none of the vehemence at the time seemed to have been directed at any of the things you mention, which were of interest to me --the het buoy fantasy of pining for one true love and, in general, the romanticization of love, i'm your one, true soulmate baby and all the other stuff doesn't matter.

Thanks for the thoughts though, great stuff.


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