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Wed Feb 10 20:22:34 PST 1999

I've always wondered if very much has changed since I was in school, the difference being you were too afraid to get less than a certain grade, in my case C's.

Basically, school is deadly dull. I remember trying to think of things to daydream about to get through class. Though I think Steve's point about feeling predestined to nothing was part of it too, in my case my own father gave me that message.

But I also remember 6, maybe 8 teachers, in, oh 15 years of school, who broke through that. Mostly in high=school. They were always harder, more enthusiastic, and basically, they were in love with their subjects.

I had one algebra II teacher who actually replaced my Dylan mania, with math mania. Don't remember her name, but I can picture her. She and her husband flew small planes. Also a couple of Lit. teachers. One philosophy and one botany prof. Did I say six?

I've often thought that if teachers were held in higher esteem and paid better, we'd have more folks like that teaching.

I bet several of you will be looked upon as bright spots in the dull blur of schooling.


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