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Wed Feb 10 15:58:43 PST 1999

In message <36C0EF65.5A9199C2 at>, Tom Lehman <TLEHMAN at> writes
>It's interesting that Christopher Hitchens beat the Nation's drum for
>sending American troops into Bosnia. I'm still convinced that he and
>Mr.Blumenthal will have enough money after their little spat to open a
>nation wide chain of Tuxedo stores---Chris and Sid's Formal Wear.

That's my point of departure from the Hitchens camp - not the other thing.

In 1993 I was at a conference in New York on some anti-war campaign. In the middle of it all the announcement that Clinton had bombed the Serbs roused a cheer! (Granted it was a fairly token bombing) Self-avowed 'social-imperialist' Christopher Hitchens rallied the cause of progressive militarism, arguing for US intervention in Haiti and Bosnia.

I don't think you have to be a genius to work out that, however bad a regime, the US - or UK - military is not an honest broker. What the Serbs are doing in Kosovo is vicious and destructive, but the it is noticeable that no government authority supports independence. Maybe they did learn something from the Bosnia debacle. -- Jim heartfield

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