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>Re Adam's: "Kids no longer read for pleasure or knowledge
>because it takes too much self discipline when it's so much easier to
>in the 'revolutionary anti-authoritarian' act of smoking pot and

Did anyone watch the 2 part made for TV movie about the 60s? I only caught parts. Someone at work gave me an article on it from TV Guide. Here is what some of the young actors on the show felt about the 60s. Note: the black guy gets to talk about fashion and the woman doesn't talk about the pill or the beginnings of the women's movement.

Jerry O'Connell, 24 Plays: Brian Herlihy, soldier Biggest Surprise: "The 60's generation made it their mission to better society. There were serious causes and the youth was really the drive behind it all. I mean, I wasn't part of a cause ever. I watched television; I played Nintendo. When you talk to people from the 60s, everybody's got these great stories: Where were you when man landed on the moon, or when Kennedy was shot? With my generation, it's more like: Where were you when the first video came out on MTV?"

Josh Hamilton, 29 Plays: Michael Herlihy, antiwar protester Biggest Challenge: "The age thing, and trying to subtly go from playing a teenager to playing someone in his mid-20s, and to capture a sense of idealism and activisim. In this age of irony, it's very easy to scoff at all that, because those are not attitudes prevalent these days. All these ['60s] characters hadn't been watching Letterman for years, you know."

Jordana Brewster, 18 Plays: Sarah Weinstock, student activist Most Inspiring Moment: "We were demonstrating at the Pentagon, and a bunch of soldiers were pointing guns at us. They got this [teenage] kid to play a soldier, and Josh Hamilton's character slid a flower into his gun. The soldier's eyes evoked so much pity, and it really illustrated the fact that [The Pentagon] was sending *kids* out there. The line between the peace activists and the soldiers was not all that clear."

Leonard Roberts, 26 Plays: Emmet Taylor, Black Panther Favortie '60s Fashion: "In the Haight-Ashbury scene, I have on skintight bell-bottoms with flowered patches, and the beads, and this huge Afro and a Jimi Hendrix headband. People were like 'Man, you look just like Jimi.' Jimi was awesome."

Jeremy Sisto, 24 Plays: Kenny Klein, radical The '60s Were Cool Because... "A lot of the excitement was about being able to walk down the street and give somebody a peace sign and get a peace sign back, and you knew you were a part of the same club."

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