the 60s [was Re: On students, by a student

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Feb 11 07:42:21 PST 1999

Peter Kilander wrote:

> Jerry O'Connell, 24
> Plays: Brian Herlihy, soldier
> Biggest Surprise: "The 60's generation made it their mission to better
> society.

This is what I meant in my earlier post on "the [blank] generation." If I remember correctly, by public opinion poll standards (which don't tell us much, but are worth something) the highest support for the war and for things as they are was among college students. A very small number of people (with help/hindrance from Time-Life and the TV networks) made a very large noise. Take away the black movement (and the beginnings of the women/gay movements, made possible by the black movement) and the 60s didn't amount to much. Certainly the phrase "60s generation" is mindless.


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