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Thu Feb 11 11:15:44 PST 1999


Last night, when I was trying to fall asleep, I started thinking about Wired magazine. What ever happened to them? I know their magazine still shows up on the shelves, but it seems like their influence has waned. Has it, or am I just not paying sufficient attention? Five years ago they were King Shit of the Cyberutopian Turd Mountain.

I wonder what would have happened to them if they hadn't sold out to one of the biggest of those parasitic Old Media companies, Conde Nast. I wonder if they lost their relevance when the New Age arrived and it didn't look as much like Nirvana as Wired said it would. I wonder what happened to deposed chieftan Louis Rosetto, the only man who could turn me into a hardcore Luddite. I wonder if Po Bronson ever realized that he's a total fool. I wonder if they had waited six months or so if their third IPO prospectus would have been the lucky one. I wonder if anyone takes them seriously anymore--or if anyone, besides themselves, ever did.

I wonder lots of things when insomnia kicks in

Eric Beck

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