Fed not part of gov't

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 11 16:23:17 PST 1999


You are way behind. The Fed is God's embassy to America as in "In God We Trust". Although I hear the Almighty is unhappy with Greenspan, because he (God) thinks Greenspan thinks Greenspan is God. God is hesitant in calling Greenspan back because it may get crowded up there. The Pope apparently told Clinton in St Louis that he (Pope) is concerned that God is suffering from a delusion that he is Greenspan.


Doug Henwood wrote:

> There are many details that suggest that the Federal Reserve isn't really
> part of the U.S. government. There's the fact that the USG sold the land
> for the Fed's headquarters to the Fed back in the 1930s. Then there's the
> fact that the New York Fed is listed in the white pages, not the blue
> government pages, in the Manhattan phone book. Then there's the .org suffix
> the regional Fed banks use for their websites, rather than .gov. And now,
> in looking at the federal budget accounts, I'm seeing that the Fed is
> classified as part of the "public," rather than the government, when the
> holders of U.S. government debt are broken out. No wonder Alan Greenspan
> can't understand himself!
> Doug

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