cop shows and postmodernism redux

Steve Perry sperry at
Thu Feb 11 13:50:08 PST 1999

At the risk of cuttling loose another fart at the pomo cocktail gathering, I have a couple of lingering questions left over regarding this thread.

First, I notice that "deconstruct" is pretty frequently used as a verb. Can anyone tell me what it means? And why it amounts to something more/different than using a verb like "analyze" or "criticize"? It often seems more than a little like using "impact" as a verb instead of "affect," but maybe I'm missing something useful.

Second, and this is for Doug--I'm sorry, but I've deleted the post in which you defended much of the pomo theory you've read on the grounds that (something like this) you hope to find in it some answer as to why people remain so numb and so mired in powerlessness. I'm probably mangling your words, so by all means correct me. But my question is this: Can you say what it is you've learned from these texts in response to the question you posed?

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