'Free Love,' Etc.

Frances Bolton fbolton at chuma.cas.usf.edu
Thu Feb 11 15:02:29 PST 1999


>Kelley wrote:
>> >Um, perhaps instead of looking for a "flaw in what was going on in the
>> >60s" you might want to look at the material conditions that first
>> >*allowed* something like that to emerge, and then made the cultural
>> >re-assimilation so rapid.
>> Ummm I believe that what Frances is getting at are precisely those things
>> and, what you missed, the sexism!
>Not getting at, since none of it was mentioned, which is why I did.
>Mention, that is.


Actually, sexism was one of the first things I mentioned, in an earlier post.

frances, possibly going over limit, thinking it's time to revisit the limit question.

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