Capitalist support for fascism....

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Sun Feb 14 06:07:40 PST 1999

In a message dated 99-02-13 11:23:40 EST, Henry Liu writes:

<< Do you, or any one else on the list, have any views on how Hitler managed to turn

in 4 short years a war-torn economy that the Weimar's permissive and capitalisti

policies left in a sorrowful state not much different than the Russian economy of

today, into a full employment, full production economy that was the envy of the


Henry >>

my understanding is he instituted keynesian policies, which worked exceptionally well because there was no democratic debate about their fullfillment. In otherwords, he employed everyone, if not privately then through the state, he stole property from wealthy jews and redistributed it, he put a huge shot of capital into the economy and then the multiplier effect took over. one of the misconception of capitalist education (or propaganda if you wish) is that democracy is necessary for capitalism to function well. a strong dictatorial state does as well or better. maggie coleman mscoleman at

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