Capitalist support for fascism....

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Sun Feb 14 11:10:17 PST 1999

Dear Maggie:

Thanks for your response. You obvservations are helpful, but I feel we still need to dig deeper. As I pointed out in my previous post, Keynesian measures did not help FDR as much as it helped Hitler. Hitler stole from the Jews and other he deemd undesriable. Yet these assets werer alresdy in Germany, and a part of it escaped. In other words, the Nazi expropriation did not bring in extra capital from ouside. Other nationalization schemes by other governments did not produced the same results. Look at the world's oil industry for example. Yor observation about Western propaganda on the necessity of democracy for capitalism is a very salient point. Yet, there were many examples of government who rejected democracy without achieving the same success as Germany. Your observation of German isolation is promising. Many in Asia are beginning to view open domestic market as the real cause of their recent crises. Your point on cultural solidarity is also interesting. There is no doubt that the Nazi propaganda machine was effective.

Do you have any views or information about the actual economic planning and why it worked?


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