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Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at
Sun Feb 14 14:33:06 PST 1999

W. Kiernan wrote:

> Also, as if worshipping the wisdom of the rich isn't stupid enough, we
> Americans also worship, not just the wisdom, but even the honesty of
> actors!
> Now let's take a typical actor, what does he do for a living? He comes
> out on stage (or whatever) and says, "I am not really Ronnie R., even
> though my fingerprints say that I am. No, I am Hamlet, or Dirty Harry,
> or something like that." In other words, every actor is a full-time
> professional liar, a guy who makes his living presenting himself
> believably while reciting what audience and performers alike know to be
> plain untruths.
> So when a company wants to make a advertisement, say, in praise of their
> particular brand of motor oil or life insurance, who do they hire to
> convince the public of their bona fides? A professional actor, of
> course? Who else would be a likelier expert on motor oil, or life
> insurance? And whose sincerity can you trust in better than that of an
> actor? And it works: the public buys it!

It's all very logical, actually.

We like to be lied to by the best.

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