Professors earn 'stock' at Pitt business school

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Feb 15 08:33:12 PST 1999

Enrique Diaz-Alvarez wrote:

>Critical thought? Aesthetic feeling? Come on! It's an MBA school! They
>teach you to bullshit on powerpoint presentations and to exaggerate.

It's happening everywhere, not just biz schools. This is the direction all universities are going in - Pitt's biz school is just pushing it a bit further than most. Universities are increasingly trying to claim intellectual property rights over "their" professors' work; the academic labor market is one of the most polarized around, with a few highly paid stars and a horde of impoverished adjuncts; and departments that are more like cost centers than profit centers are being cut back. I'm looking forward to the day when a private university goes public - does an IPO and recasts itself as a profit-making enterprise. Another couple of years of bullishness on Wall Street, and it's practically a done deal!


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