Nasty California Imports

frances bolton fbolton at
Wed Feb 17 08:12:29 PST 1999

El Jefe writes:
>It's interesting that Connerly is retreating from Florida. Is this another
>sign, along with the impeachment failure, that the right-wing culture
>warriors are on the ropes? In a world starved for good news, is this some?

No, I don't think it is. He said he would probably move onto Maine, Arizona, or Nebraskas. Folks in thsoe states have called him as well, and he said they'd be easier to work with. Jeb! made a lot of promises to the Black community, and to get into bed with Connerly a month after he took office would have been too outrageous. I also think, although I don't know where Texas fits into this, that the southern states are going to be the last to give up AA. Public relations-wise, they have to wait until such an actrion is accepted elsewhere.

I probably should have quoted more of the article--didn't realize that until after I sent it. Connerly thought the Floridians were too rude, one of our state senators said he should "get his butt back to California." Connerly sez, "I haven't been any place where in such a compressed amount of time I have seen people make so many inane statements. It just shows that people aren't ready for a prime time debate (sic)."


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