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Fri Feb 19 20:16:11 PST 1999

Dear Yoshie,

There is a good story in the July/August '97 issue of Dollars&Sense called Scenes from the Global Casino: Pyramid Schemes and Black Markets in Albania. I've written to Dr. Marc Breslow and asked him to repost it on the D&S website---the link to the story is broken.

I hope Doug doesn't mind me mentioning the competition.

Thanks, for the Ohio State notice.

Your email pal,

Tom L.

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> Tom L wrote:
> >Does anyone recall in what month and year the Albanian stock
> >market(ponzi scheme) collapsed? I'm pretty sure it was two or three
> >years ago---anyone remember the exact month and year.
> March, 1997, I think.
> For those of you who live in/near Columbus, Ohio (anyone besides Tom?),
> here's an announcement.
> ***Debate on the U.S. Mission to the Former Yugoslavia***
> Peace-keeping or Domination?
> 1. Roles of the U.S. military, NATO, and the U.N.
> 2. U.S. diplomatic initiatives (Lisbon settlements, Vance/Owen plans,
> Dayton accords, & Kosovo negotiations)
> 3. Ultimate objectives of U.S. policy (economic, military, & geopolitical)
> Monday, March 1
> 7:30 PM
> EA 0160 (attached to the Math Tower)
> Ohio State University
> 209 W. 18th Ave.
> Columbus, OH
> The speakers will be Dr. Barry Letuchy and Lt. Col. Jeffrey White.
> Barry Letuchy teaches modern European history at CUNY and heads the
> Coalition Against Western Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia. He
> organized the First International Conference and Exhibition on the
> Jasenovac Concentration Camp.
> Lieutenant Colonel White is studying the ramifications of and the problems
> with peace-keeping, peace enforcement, and peace-building at the Mershon
> Center for International Security and Public Policy. He has actively served
> over 20 years in Marine Corps and participated in operations in all
> theaters, most recently to provide air power for the Bosnia Peacekeeping
> effort.
> For more information, call Mark Stansbery (of the Community Organizing
> Center) at 614-252-9255.
> Sponsored by the Student International Forum and the Mershon Center.
> *****
> Yoshie

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