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Sat Feb 20 19:02:11 PST 1999


Chavez is a psychopath. He's on another list that I'm on, and he's been calling listers at home and hassling them, and he tried to get a couple of other people fired from their jobs. I think he was heavily spamming the list as well, although that was before my time.

I totally support Doug in this, and appreciate that he is closing the list to nuts like Chavez.

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>Gosh. Can't we just LOOK at him. Is it related to the Tass?
>At 08:55 PM 2/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>I've switched the subscription option to this list to closed, meaning that
>>new subscribers have to be approved. A very disruptive and disturbed
>>named Robert Chavez has been trying to subscribe and he's not welcome
>>Sorry for the inconvenience, but until Chavez goes away - this is his
>>fourth attempt - it'll have to be that way.

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