buffy cravings

rc-am rcollins at netlink.com.au
Mon Feb 22 18:08:48 PST 1999

>Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
>> The only perfect bodies under late capitalism are
>> those of teenagers, male or female. (Does this in part explain the
>> popularity of Buffy?)

paul replied:

>Nope. WB has oodles of teen shows. All but "Buffy" suck bigtime.
>(It's the WRITING, stupid!)
>Yet another pseudo-hip-left reductionist attack on "Buffy" bites the

hey, now this is stupid. "it's the writing" sounds like the playboy readers' defense to me.

i been watching buffy, much to the dismay of my friends and lover, but that has never stopped me before. but buffy really does not work for me, no matter how much i try. i can understand liza's enjoyment - a determined attempt to both seek out and resist the recuperation of/punishment of lesbian desire in flics and shows. the same would probably apply to film noir: both an enjoyment of criminality, the strong woman, etc; but a resistance to the death of the criminal, the marriage and/or death of the woman at the end. but buffy, well, i just cannot get past the body. i mean i really can't work up enough identification with (or desire of) such a white, anorexic pre-pubescent body and its narratives. sorry. and, every episode i watched, all the black women that appeared on screen were either nasty or idiots or potential threats, but that may just have been the episodes i saw. then again, i guess one should also ask whether or not a desire for the fatally recuperative or retributive itself needs to be thought out.


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