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>On Monday, February 22, 1999 at 23:41:58 (+0000) Chris Burford writes:
>>The Conference of Socialist Economists (in the UK) last year organised a
>>meeting by a speaker who argued convincingly that the internet was an arena
>>where the economics of cooperation were more rational than the economics of
>>capitalist competition.
>And where is "competition", long ago banished from most of the
>economy, ever more "rational" than cooperation?
>>The two are finely balanced, but cooperation although slower...
>I disagree. Competition usually produces immense energies spent in
>going noplace --- as Dave Noble called it, our society is a dynamic
>one which goes nowhere.

If there's a disagreement about the right way to do something, then, competition should be used. If there's a general consensus, then cooperation should be used. That's the way I see it.

If the disagreement is about who should have a bigger pile of money, well, that's a little social malajustment (in my opinion) and can be corrected with a big can of whup-ass (or humility).

There are times when you wish to engage in competition for its own sake. That's best relegated to sports.

>The critical issue here is to examine the ways in which competition is
>padded with subsidies while cooperation (outside of corporations) is
>left to its own devices, often horribly underfunded. When compared on
>equal footing, I think cooperation wins hands down.

When done incorrectly, cooperation can be expensive. If everyone is so eager to cooperate that you keep adding in just-one-more suggestion, you end up with a big ugly muddle.


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