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Tue Feb 23 06:29:31 PST 1999

Re Chris's: "Should leftists automatically back anti-trust legislation in this [software] field ? It is the reformist solution that keeps capitalism on the road."

This is true, but it shouldn't detract from the joy of seeing Microsoft humiliated in the courtroom. One interesting side benefit of the Microsoft antitrust case is the way it is has undermined the Age-of-Reagan notion that the government is filled with doddering bureaucrats who can't set or achieve goals. Make no mistake about it, the U.S. Justice Dept. has cleaned the floor with Microsoft's legal team. It's been a pleasure to watch and has even elicited a salute from hypermacho-Wall-Street-trade/journalist James Cramer. In his NY Observer column last week, Cramer went so far as to say that the Microsoft antitrust case indicates that the best legal minds go into government service, not the private sector.

OTOH, seeing a strutting fascist (this is no hyperbole) like NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- himself a product of the U.S. Justice Dept -- terrorizing the citizenry with his heavy-handed law enforcement is an uncomfortable reminder that there *is* a limit to how effective one wants the government to be.

Carl Remick

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