Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Feb 23 06:42:19 PST 1999

Carl Remick wrote:

>In his NY
>Observer column last week, Cramer went so far as to say that the
>Microsoft antitrust case indicates that the best legal minds go into
>government service, not the private sector.

Well, the gov't hired a fancy lawyer, David Boies, to argue their case. He's not a civil servant. But the #2 lawyer at Salomon Bros. once told me that the SEC lawyers are very very sharp folks. Of course, they're looking to put in a few years in gov't work so they can go practice in the private sector and make bundles more money. Ditto the Justice Dept. As with the Fed, it's clear the gov't can work well in areas that capital cares about. When it comes to DMVs and welfare offices, though, underinvestment and undertraining reign.


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