To Yoshie, and anyone interested

Sam Pawlett epawlett at
Wed Feb 24 11:48:10 PST 1999

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> Doug wrote:
> >When I was out in SF, Annalee Newitz showed some videos in a genre called
> >Japanese tentacle porn, which involves sweet girls being probed in every
> >orifice by beasts with long tentacles. What's the story of that stuff?
> Its primary market must be nerdy guys in Japan; and its secondary market
> (which must be fast developing now) is cult video fans & cult studies
> scholars in English-speaking countries. See, sexism is very profitable and
> has many lives to live, especially when it can be sold in an exotic package.
> Yoshie

Is this the same genre as _In the Realm of the Senses_ ? The local art-house, about a year ago, showed two recent Japanese films it called art-pornography. I intended to go and see them but didn't make it out of the bar that day. These films were supposed to be extremely graphic and bizarre. A friend of mine who is in the know when it comes to film says the art-houses in Europe are fast becoming "ghettoes for art-pornography". The only other attempt I know of, at porno-art was the early 70's _Behind the Green Door_ and _The Devil in Miss Jones_. I guess you could argue that films like Last Tango in Paris, Betty Blue, and some of Derek Jarman's work are art-porno but pretty tame stuff. What is the distinction between porno and art? In art the photos are slightly blurry but in porno the pictures are crystal clear? Or maybe in art portrayals of sex acts is an unintended consequence of the statement an artist is trying to make.


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