What is a Meta-narrative?(you need a body to be a post)

Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at gte.net
Thu Feb 25 17:06:54 PST 1999

Carrol Cox wrote:

> It seems to me that Paul is playing games by almost deliberately
> implying an obvious falsity: that upholders of meta-narrativeS
> necessarily uphold some one meta-narrative, which would be
> absurd.

Au Contrare, Carrol. I pointed out a number of different kinds of meta-narratives. As a Jamesian pragmatist I'm automatically a radical pluralist as well.

> The closest I can think of to such an all-encompassing single
> meta-narrative would be that implied in Paul's organizational
> label, "Reason and Democracy," which is either an utter
> triviality or a claim to a meta-narrative that out metas even
> that of Jerry Falwell.

Ah, the light begins to dawn!

That's EXACTLY what I'm up to: a leftwing out-meta-ing of the religious right.

And why the hell not?

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