Hate crime

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In a message dated 99-02-25 00:18:49 EST, first i wrote:

<< > i have a nephew who is learning disabled (age 7). on one of my many visits he

> spent some time explaining to me how his one and only friend protects him from

> the bullies at school who don't like him. as it turns out the friend is

> african american and my nephew is caucasian. clearly the behavior of adults

> is being developed on the playground. maggie coleman mscoleman at aol.com

Then Martha Russell wrote:
>> Do the bullies know that he is learning disabled? Is this the reason

bully him? The reason I ask is because my daughter went to grammer school with

Henry Winkler's daughter who has a learning disability. It seems that the

Winkler's thought it best to hide their daughter's disability, so it was never

mentioned. But my daughter picked up (as third graders will) that there was

something different about Zoe and made a raw comment. I forget exactly what it

was but it was something about Zoe's brain being different from other people's.


I don't really know what the kids at school know -- my nephew is in a regular class but he gets extra attention from a state aide placed in the class specifically for him. Also, he is very weak physically, which is anathema amongst little boys (well, big boys too for that matter). In general, though, I think the school does its best to get the kids to get along, but generally children pick on the different. maggie coleman mscoleman at aol.com

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