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Max, are you saying the murderer is not a victim of patriachy and capitalism? Or are you just pointing out the irony? I ask cause I've been trying to sort out my feeling about this kid and the death penalty. And do I really blame this kid more that I blame a brain damaged black man who kills some people?

How much power do I give the nutty reasoning of these people if I don't admit that this killing is also simular to the killing in CA. The Asian man who killed a bunch of people. It is race, but it isn't.

Still thinking. Nixon was an incredible movie, wasn't it? Do we KNOW that Mao said that stuff to Nixon about history being a symtom of their sickness? Or did Oliver Stone make all that up?


At 12:22 PM 2/28/99 -0800, you wrote:
>> Trent Lott's friends at the Council of Conservative Citizens have a
>> commentary on the Byrd murder verdict at <>.
>> White folks are the victims! A choice excerpt:
>> "James Byrd was much better qualified for victim status
>> because he was an ex-convict, a welfare recipient, a
>> suspected drug dealer, AND handicapped!"
>And then for something completely similar:
>There's the notion that he is the product
>of a capitalist system that breeds social pathologies
>through economic violence and cultural decadence.

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