Meta-Narrative through the looking-glass.

pms laflame at
Sun Feb 28 20:34:14 PST 1999

> which is why I would think meta-narratives are both
>unavoidable and to be treated with suspicion.
Seriously though, I always considered my attachment to meta-narrative to be closely related to mental illness. Sometimes self-defeating, sometimes enlightening, sometimes obsessive, sometimes distorting. I could go on.

And speaking of psycohistory, whatever happened to the notion that white supremacy was a mental illness. I don't remember where I read this, but it struck a cord.


ps. Did anyone else watch that Alice and Wonderland version on Sunday night, and marvel at the number of commercials relating to internet companies? Like, if I hadn't gotta a computor yet, I'd have felt pretty bad about it. Hmmmmmmmmmm.


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