cynical slippages and meta-narratives...

Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at
Mon Mar 1 08:04:03 PST 1999

Doug Henwood wrote:

> rc-am wrote:
> >like reagan's wink; or goldblum's grin; or even the spice girl's
> >campiness, it not only performs a detachment - cynically - from the
> >narratives and objectives of reaganism or a racist film or a commodity
> >frenzy which allows those who would otherwise resist the narrative to
> >say 'well, they don't take it seriously, so if I vote for/enjoy/buy,
> >then I'm not really getting sucked in, because we're just sharing a
> >joke'.
> Or, as Horkheimer said, cynicism is the worst kind of conformity. You
> pretend to know better, but play along.

Which is precisely why "The X-Files" is the "Father Knows Best" of the 90s.

AND why PoMo is so quietist at heart, so deeply complicitous in the continued reign of the positivism it overtly rails against.

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