Buchanan, sole voice against free trade?

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Tue Mar 2 07:15:00 PST 1999

> What about David Bonior, he's critical of free trade,
> no? Any chance he'd run for President?

Critics of free trade will be well situated if the Dems get the House back, since Gephardt and Bonior will be #'s one and two, in all likelihood. Both are as good as anyone on this issue.

Question B: No.

The presidential nominee race is obviously thin on the Democratic side, and neither candidate has any chance of criticizing trade rules. But it should be recognized that the media consistently elevate Buchanan (who is announcing for prez today) as the sole political critic of free trade and neglect everyone on the liberal side except Ralph Nader, who isn't a politician.

So equations of anti-free trade and the right should be resisted. Buchanan got on this bandwagon late in the game, as he did for all of his other 'worker' stances.


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