Pray tell, how do you do it?

Jacob Segal jsegal at
Thu Mar 4 09:38:01 PST 1999

>John K. Taber wrote:
>>One thing I do not understand, and greatly admire lbo'ers for,
>>is your ability to read obnoxious characters seriously. If I
>>am punished for my sins in the hereafter, my idea of a lower
>>circle in hell is being forced to read Horowitz or Tanner.
>>I get impatient and quit reading. How do you guys do it?
>There's more pleasure in reading stuff that pisses you off than in tepid
>stuff you agree with.

During a republican convention my mother and sister, progressives but not that involved politically, noted that they keep watching the convention despite finding it annoying and that they were getting addicted to being annoyed.

I said that is how I live my whole life.

Jacob Segal

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