teaching social inequality / income

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Mon Mar 8 20:59:45 PST 1999

> In the issue of The Nation that goes to press this Wednesday, there will
> the first installment of a page of quarterly social indicators I'll be
> doing. The topic of the premiere is inequality and poverty, and there's a
> chart of income classes (low, middle, and high income, defined relative to
> the national median) based on the work of Smeeding & Co. at the Luxembourg
> Income Study. For those of you who don't read The Nation, a similar chart
> (less snazzy graphically, since it'll be done by me and not a real graphic
> artist) will be in LBO #89.

Numbers . . . in The Nation? Thank god I was sitting down when I read this. If they print a chart I may have to be sedated.


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