Politics of Crime and Economic Change

William S. Lear rael at zopyra.com
Mon Mar 8 19:47:34 PST 1999

On Monday, March 8, 1999 at 21:04:16 (-0800) Max Sawicky writes:
>> I still don't get it. You never answered me before: You are advocating
>the premeditated murder of a defenseless human being. What could be right
>or principled about that. That is the very definition of barbarity and
>It's right if he/she deserves to die.
>It's such people who embody barbarism.

Let's see if I get this: you declare that you know, using an arbitrary equation, who "deserves to die". You also support the premeditated murder of a defenseless human being. Ergo, you naturally extend this privilege to others, who can also determine who "deserves to die", and who shall therefore be murdered in cold blood. This is a descent into barbarism, as I claimed, as now we simply murder those who "deserve to die", a flexible formula that suits heretics, Indians, slaves, adulterers, disobedient wives, drug dealers, thiefs, lazy workers, murderers, and whoever else shall not be deemed "deserving" of life.

To adopt the psychic attitude of a murderer toward a murderer is to become a murderer. You do not thereby elevate above the murderer, you descend.

>As for cowardice, I don't see how that enters into it. One is no less
>courageous for opposing or supporting capital punishment.

Premeditated murder of someone who is defenseless is cowardly. There is no other word for it. It is a lack of humanity and strength when other options are available, as they always are.

By the way, I'm sorry others have been abusive toward you on this topic. I think though there is apparently no or little room for agreement, we can at least try to explore this space without being abusive. I think we can still learn things about each other that way...


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