Death Penalty: Report From Canada

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Mar 11 18:44:07 PST 1999

Jim Heartfield wrote:
>Lenin by contrast, pleaded with the bolsheviks not to abolish the death
>penalty - but then Lenin was no determinist, but a firm believer in the
>importance of the subjective factor in history.
>When I first got involved in politics, Manchester militant Dave
>Hallsworth told me that when we were in charge, we would have to string
>up quite a few people.

In that case, I'd have to disagree with Lenin and Dave Hallsworth and agree with Ken Lawrence on this one.

In any case, the point of our discussion is that we are most definitely _not_ in charge now. I hope Jim's not a supporter of death penalty under capitalism.


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