The Media

Jay Marvin jaymarvin at
Sat Mar 13 13:24:39 PST 1999

> I wish there was more disscussion, and exposure, of all this media merger
> mania. What it is doing to those of us who have to work in it, and the
> concentration of power it's bringing on. Telcom was, and is, so wrong.
> Thanks Bill Clinton! Most of us will not speak up because we fear for our
> jobs. Yet, I never see this talked about. Free Markets? How's that when one
> company owns close to a 1,000 radio stations? Use to be if you didn't like
> what was going on you could walk across the street. Now there's nowhere to
> walk to. How is it a free market when one company owns eight radio stations
> in one market?

Jay Marvin

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