profit rate falling!

rc-am rcollins at
Thu Mar 18 06:36:14 PST 1999

chaz wrote:

>CB: "at the same time" , what, they are subjective AND OBJECTIVE. So,
yes they are actually objective. You mean that they are subjective and objective. But why not think of them as ACTUALLY both subjective and objective ? Do you think they are not actually subjective ?<

no i think they are both, to a degree that it becomes impossible to separate them into objective and subjective factors.

>The objective factors are overripe.<

you've said this twice. what does it mean?

>The working classes have been shaped by the labour process as much as
they are going to be as far as taking a horse to the water trough. <

re: the first bit of the sentence - so, does that mean that the working class, as it is now segmented and subjected to (and by) competition, speed-ups, just-in-time, one could note many other features, is the final face of the working class?


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