SI Swimsuit issue: Holy Cow!

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Mar 18 10:58:12 PST 1999

Jane Franklin wrote:

>I must say, I find it really refreshing to read this comforting defense of
>women's rights to sell their bodies. Me, my great hope is that I can
>invest enough in my body via plastic surgery, liposuction, hair foofing,
>etc. that I can get a good return on myself, and possibly sell shares,
>therefore capitalizing on the current state of the market. Of course,
>there will be a sort of "me bubble" before people realize that I
>eventually must collapse into a cellulite-laden, heroin addicted,
>cancerous victim of breast implants, but hey, as long as I sell my shares
>in me while the market is good I can finance all my medical treatment.

Actually a porn site,, reported doesn't have the cash to pay its models, but it's been giving them stock options in advance of a hoped-for IPO.


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