SI Swimsuit issue: Holy Cow!

Chata Ortega somelocochit_man at
Thu Mar 18 12:59:09 PST 1999

From: "John K. Taber"

...I didn't look "busy". From experience I can tell you that you won't last 30 minutes reading a novel.


'Reminds me of my short stint in car sales at a chevy dealership. Right there on Van Ness in SF - and absolutely no foot traffic inside. One way to attempt to endure that insufferable boredom was to hang out in a lounge and watch TV (invariably sports) with "the guys." Yawn. I opted to study the Soroban (Abacus), which intrigued several of my colleagues, except of course, the boss (Chinese/American!). So I tried, really, to dig the sports vibe - and then the World Cup came: no one cared. So I opted to spend my time across the street at the 101 bar (dryly), where I learned a passionate lifetime of Soccer/Football from a couple Irish & English blokes. I was hooked immediately on wall-to-wall Football. No sales until after Brazil beat Italy in a shootout. Finally, I connived to sell a car at almost base price for virtually no profit to the company before I was mercifully fired. They of course, wanted me to grovel for the breadcrumbs of "commission" in competition with the other sharps, marks, and ne'r do wells. I won't even get into how women were treated at that place...

Chata Ortega San Diego p.s. re: Ohio Players lp covers, gatefold lp's only, please. CD art has been "shrunk."

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