SI Swimsuit issue: Holy Cow!

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Fri Mar 19 07:13:52 PST 1999

wdk wrote:
>No way, not in this context, when we're talking about that giggly pudeur
>promoted by mass market magazines.

well let's see here, i thought for sure you were comparing it to art. even so, why use the giggly, embarassed words of childhood. be grown up about it. aside from that, on another list, we determined that the stupid childish words are for when you're talking about it with other guys. 'cock' is for when you're talking about doing something with it that you perceive as important & powerful. i read you two as disingenuously framing it as if it was a childish embarassment, when in fact you were objectifying women's bodies, pornographically, and not eroticizing them--all the while deriding your own bodies somehow just not fit for such 'giggly pudeur' yoshie??? analysis please, you're way better at it than i.

> If we're talking about serious books
>that aren't pulling that news stand strip tease, like for example Hans
>Fahrmeyer's "Between Men and Women," we'd get to use real grown-up
>English (Latin?) words like "pudendum" or "penis," which would be easier
>on our sense of dignity for sure,

oh why penis?!! i find that just as childish. it's clinical, an attempt to cleanse it of its sexuality.

> but if we're talking Sports
>Illustrated, it fits better to use cutesy wordies like "nippies" and
>"whosises" ("whoses"?)

and why don't men have nippies by the way?

>1.) Is TOO easy being a buoy, I just float, I never exerted myself a
>bit, all I got to do is, act naturally. 2.) Is NOT ugly, I'm hurt -
>snif - you feel that way. It has a nice symmetrical functional look to
>it, particularly when it's awake. 3.) Hardly "altogether too often,"
>instead, alas, not nearly often enough. This world is not paradise.

oh you know WDK that i was pushing your foot, but i still think this was there a bit. there was this sense that men's bodies shouldn't be or aren't displayed. it seemed a variation on the attitude of my students which, yes, is hilarious but not altogether surprising. yoshie's right on in that regard. but i must say that it was also interesting listening to the women gak out about unshaved legs and underarms. oh they always find this so horrifying, so dirty, so yuck when, in fact, it's such a new thing to shave body hair. and, as a fellow floridian, don't you find it fascinating this glorification of the hairless male body? all these adverts for hair removal. i suspect that it's a phenom that began in gay male subculture and has gone mainstream with the increasing demand placed on men to have that 6 pack or washboard torso and buff, but not too buff, everything else.


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