Giggly Guys (was Re: SI Swimsuit issue: Holy Cow!)

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Sat Mar 20 06:39:46 PST 1999

Hello everyone,

I was reading along, and suddenly it sprung from out of nowhere like a telephone pole coming up the hiway,

Rob Schaap writes: Oops! I wrote:

>It's probably objectification, too (although it
>ain't that simple - a naked woman generates an altogether chemical response
>from us if we're sharing a pool or a sauna with her than if she were to
>display herself with what we take to be an intention to arouse us. Same
>with pictures

but meant: ... an altogether DIFFERENT chemical response ...

Sorry, Rob.

Doyle You mean you pee'd in the pool didn't you? That is how I read it. I don't understand is there another way to read that? regards, Doyle

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