Impossibility of 'Auto-Critique' (was Re: Irony, or, theImportance of Being Earnest)

digloria at digloria at
Sat Mar 20 07:49:44 PST 1999

ange the queen writes,

>the precondition of narcissism then is not whether the object of
>critique is oneself, but whether or not the self is seen (by my
>self) as self-sufficient, complete, etc, wherein my relations to
>others is immediately aggressive.

ange, can i feed you more grapes? cause baby you've said something that bugs me forever and always about the way narcissism gets used as merely selfish or self-obsessed or even self-as-anxiety. maybe in a couple i'll send on a rant about narcissism. maybe.

anyway, kelley "Let me eat my heavy revolvers in peace."

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