Rough Justice

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Mar 20 07:50:21 PST 1999

Max, (1) refine your vocabulary (2) use your reading skill. Specified below.

Max Sawicky wrote:

> Yes, and let's have parallel remedy for any more of your biased
> remarks about religious people:

This is is the usage of "bias" I became accustomed to in undergraduates. A disagreement is a disagreement, and it is a perversion of language to call it a bias.

> I was pleased to note that
> you characterize the entirety of straight males on this list as
> incapable of auto-critique.

This approaches deliberate distortion. She also characterized neolithic communities, marxists, lesbians, you have it as incapable of auto-critique. She claimed it was simply impossible for *anyone*. Since anyone includes straight males you are technically correct but intellectually and morally off base.

You do well when you simply elaborate your political and economic views, incorrect as they are, but your brain seems to soften when you attempt personal attack.


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