Rough Justice

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Sat Mar 20 14:26:02 PST 1999

> Max Sawicky wrote:
> > Yes, and let's have parallel remedy for any more of your biased remarks
about religious people:>

> This is is the usage of "bias" I became accustomed to in undergraduates.
A disagreement is a disagreement, and it is a perversion of language to call it a bias.>

Actually what I recall from our set-to last summer was, put very politely, no less than 'bias.' If LBO was archived I'd supply you with chapter and verse. Disagreements are totally besides the point.

> > I was pleased to note that
> > you characterize the entirety of straight males on this list as
> > incapable of auto-critique.
> This approaches deliberate distortion. She also characterized
> neolithic communities, marxists, lesbians, you have it as
> incapable of auto-critique. She claimed it was simply
> impossible for *anyone*. Since anyone includes straight
> males you are technically correct but intellectually and
> morally off base.

Again my recollection of the context was the literal phrase "straight males." Don't recall if 'white' was a qualifier. The fact that she included other gross generalizations as well does not improve the analysis.

> You do well when you simply elaborate your political and
> economic views, incorrect as they are, but your brain seems
> to soften when you attempt personal attack.

I don't think I get personal much, if at all. Once in a while something riles me up (e.g., the characterization of OAAU as a "snakepit").

You might recall Mme. Y referred me to our local S&M Club, which I thought deserved some equally feeble effort at humor, especially in light of her airs of superiority over the great unwashed.


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