Germany: Tax Reforms Pass

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Mon Mar 22 09:25:42 PST 1999

At 11:39 AM 3/20/99 -0600, Peter Kilander wrote:
>(finally, "reform" is used in the correct sense. I'm sick of seeing welfare
>"reform", social security "reform" financial industry "reform" etc etc)

Cursing and putting words in parenthesis is a religious response to reality that is beyond our control. Derogatory language does not change the basic fact that the US has changed -- i.e. reformed - its welfare system, social security etc. as well as that Germany has changed - i.e. reformed its own.

People on this list may not like the changes in the US and like those in Germany -- but the changes themselves are real, not fictitious.

Besides, as someone once observed, every nation has a political system it deserves. Most of the US-ers (pardon this neologism, but I owe it to the Canadians and Mexicans on this list) hate everything that smacks of the public sphere and love private, country-club-like environs. So the ruling class agenda to dismantle public response to social problems and privatizations of public institutions sails quite well here (as compared to countries like Germany).



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