L'âge d'or (was Re: Giggly Guys)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Tue Mar 23 17:24:34 PST 1999

Hi Doyle & Rob:
>Rob Schaap writes:
>Oops! I wrote:
>>It's probably objectification, too (although it
>>ain't that simple - a naked woman generates an altogether chemical response
>>from us if we're sharing a pool or a sauna with her than if she were to
>>display herself with what we take to be an intention to arouse us. Same
>>with pictures
>but meant: ... an altogether DIFFERENT chemical response ...
>You mean you pee'd in the pool didn't you? That is how I read it. I don't
>understand is there another way to read that?

I was reading a book on Luis Buñuel's _L'âge d'or_ last night and came across the following nuggets (or two different chemical responses).

Luis Buñuel: "Considered objectively, copulation seems both risible and tragic to me. It's so very like death."

Salvador Dalí: "One loves entirely when one is prepared to eat the shit of the beloved."

Has anyone seen _L'âge d'or_, by the way?


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