Elia Kazan and ultra-purism

Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Wed Mar 24 05:16:26 PST 1999

> Peter Kilander wrote:
> > According to Feed magazine: "[Hitchens'] Comedy Central gig ended after
> >he announced, during a live broadcast, that the Reagan's were 'a pretty
> >fucking weird family.'" I bet he swears once or twice.
> Actually a pal of mine accompanied Hitchens to that event - it was during
> the 1992 Dem convention, I think. Much alcohol was consumed by both of them
> beforehand, and CH continued to tipple once in the studio. He used several
> variants of "fuck" during the first segment. The host warned him to stop.
> He continued in the second segment and was booted off the show and banned
> from the network forever.
> Doug

if memory serves, Comedy Central cut to convention coverage 'anchor' Al Franken who, holding a pack of Mentos in his hand, ad-libbed a commercial...Michael Hoover (honorary girl)

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