Science for People (was Re: language)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Mar 24 17:50:55 PST 1999

Hi Kelley & Sam:
>>You might want to distinguish between a scientific theory and the uses to
>>which it is put.
>why might i want to do this. there is a conceptual connection, not an
>accidental one, between an epistemological position which shapes how social
>research is conducted and the political practices (uses to which it is put)
>which are engaged in the name of that research.

Why do we want to make at least a conceptual if provisional distinction between 'a scientific theory and the uses to which it is put'? Because as marxists and feminists, we must be interested in not only what sorts of ontology and epistemology that (philosophies of) sciences presuppose (and criticizing ideology therein) but also _doing_ science, as practicing scientists, for we would like to appropriate for the working class both emancipatory processes and results of science. Science studies may be better developed if we criticize the existing modes of doing science in such a manner that better scientific inquiries become possible as a result of our endeavor. (And many people who study science are doing so already, unlocking the metaphorical locks that ideology places on science, for instance, as Stephen Jay Gould & Ruth Hubbard have.)


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