FW: A kick in the pants

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at primenet.com
Fri Mar 26 21:39:55 PST 1999

Hello everyone, DiGloria starts saying some things to me privately. Which is attacking my character. Especially the part about obsession. Just bring it out in the open. DiGloria I mean. Don't tell me my problems out here in pixel land. If I don't belong, I'm not "appropriate" get rid of me in the open. If you want I will provide every last one of my e-mails to you that were private. Let us make very public. regards, Doyle ---------- From: digloria at mindspring.com To: "Doyle Saylor" <djsaylor at primenet.com> Subject: Re: A kick in the pants Date: Fri, Mar 26, 1999, 8:45 PM


firstly, no i didn't invite bruno here. he was subbed long before i knew he was subbed to the list. bruno is doing what he's doing because you and bruno have already had exchanges at BAD. he's a person who actually sympathizes with you in many ways. i didn't ask him to flame you or ask him to come to lbo. he simply did because like you he's working class and also an activist. i'm guessing that he'd like to talk with you more so perhaps you might want to engage him and recognize that he's engaging in some good spirited ribbing. yes, i would agree that his approach was off-putting and that perhaps he might have done better. again, this is just my guess and i shouldn't speak for bruno. s.

secondly, i do agree with bruno insofar as i believe that you are a bit too obsessed with me for some reason. we had a nearly month long off list exchange over the course of a month, one shared with Paul. Paul encouraged me to engage in this convo because he thought we all could learn something from one another. i tried. and i think you did as well. however, sometimes you said very inappropriate things to me, both in paul's email presence and off list. i'm not especially clear as to why you consistently characterize me as somehow obsessed with you. you've told me that i'm obsessed with you, that you're 'attracted to me' and i'm attracted to you, but also dislike me and don't understand me. these sorts of emails are uncalled for. and they are especially uncalled for offlist. finally, recently, on the viagara thread you zeroed in on a gaf

i'd made for utterly no rational reason at all. i explained my goof, and yet you persisted in characterizing me as someone trying to gain attention.

that's silliness and damn odd behavior in my book. attributing that sort of transgression to your working classness or depression is simply a cop out. i'm sorry you have an illness, but that doesn't legitimate being rude or engaging in inappropriate behavior.

so, that said, i'm asking you to ignore me on LBO and i want no more offlist mails.

as for bruno s., he can speak for himself. obviously.


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