DeLong thinks fascism leads to democracy

NM nillo at
Fri Mar 26 22:13:02 PST 1999

>>You don't know anyone
>>who thinks that the Greek people would have been better without Churchill
>>stabbing the resistance in the back? Then you don't know all that many
>>Nick Mamatas
>So are you one of the people who thinks that Greece would have been a
>happier place since WWII if its politics had been more like those of

I'd be happier if people on this list would stop acting like 16 year-olds on USENET and stop building ridiculous strawmen.

Your extraordinary claim is that the Churchill installation of virtual fascists is what led to the democracy, such as it is, in Greece today. People who make extraordinary claims need evidence of an extraordinary amount and quality if they want their claim taken seriously.

So your claim is that fascism leads to democracy. Demonstrate or retract.

Compared to fascism and royalism, and the immense corruption of the current democracy, Bulgarian-style politics would not have been much worse or even worse at all, and I see no reason to assume that it would have been a Bulgarian style of politics in the first place.

I would much rather have you shot by the junta than my uncle, if that helps to answer your question.

Nick Mamatas

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