Serbian gas co.

Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at
Sat Mar 27 13:04:54 PST 1999

Dear Greg,

Close, but, no cigar!

How many gas company "apparatchiks"(your word, not mine) have graduated from SUNY?

Greg, what Clinton and Gore, being the ignorant hicks that they are, don't get is that there are all kinds of people involved in this Serbian affair. One southern boy admitted to me that the only thing they understand is whites, blacks and protestants. They are going to get educated at the American peoples expense. Not everything is taught in school.

Your email pal,

Tom L.

Greg Nowell wrote:

> Lehman:
> What currently demonized Serbian politician spent his
> career with the
> Serbian gas company? Yes, that's right the gas
> company!
> Nowell:
> Non-trivial, Mr. Lehman. Enormous capital intensive
> investment, crucial to the operations of the country.
> Position of great power. No gas ya freeze. Also, it's
> probably the case, though I don't know for sure they
> followed the Soviet model, that gas meters were not
> installed in individual units but in whole blocks of
> housing and whole apartment buildings. Heat as a
> right. I like the idea. No wonder he was a
> well-placed apparatchik.
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