"Humanitarian Bombing"

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Sat Mar 27 17:03:06 PST 1999

CHRSITIANITY! Bringing God to the godless orientals. All over Asia, Chritian missionaries were the vanguards of imperialism.

The weapon was opium, the pretext was trade and the political strategy was divide and rule. Capitalism came much later.


Rkmickey at aol.com wrote:

> Doug wrote:
> >Anyone know how British imperialism represented itself? Did it wear a
> >"humanitarian" cloak, or is this a specifically American (moralizing)
> >style? Was it more honest about "straight power concepts," as Kennan put it
> >in that infamous memo?
> Try Kipling:
> Take up the White Man's burden--
> Send forth the best ye breed--
> Go, bind your sons to exile.
> To serve your captives' need;
> To wait in heavy harness
> On fluttered folk and wild--
> Your new-caught , sullen peoples,
> Half -devil and half-child.
> (snip)
> Take up the White Man's burden--
> And reap his old reward:
> The blame of those ye better,
> The hate of those ye guard.
> .............
> And more prosaically even today, just watch how the Brits act like the Ulster
> problem is all to do with the warring tribes in Ireland, not with the British
> presence itself.
> K. Mickey

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