A politico-tactical justification for the strikes

J-C Helary helary at eskimo.com
Tue Mar 30 20:57:56 PST 1999

Le [31/03/99 10:21], Michael Pollak a écrit :

> So what if NATO high command agreed that an
> invasion was the only solution, but saw no political backing for it?
> Perhaps their reasoning would be as follows: we'll strike and hope he
> folds. But if he does what we expect -- ejecting Kosovars on a massive
> scale -- that will provide us with the political backing to invade. And
> nothing else will

Ok, the result of the bombings where predictable, everybody seems to agree on that. And maybe it is just what "politicians" wanted. A Kosovo without any Albanians is not a (immediate) problem anymore. Kosovars will just go to Macedonia or Albania and then we can have something similar to Dayton, acknowledging the partitions and leaving Albania and Macedonia deal with the refugees. The looser will be Macedonia , but that's ok because there are already 3 Nato bases there (in the Albanian area) so it is possible to keep (humanitarian) military control of the situation for a while. Isn't it Milosevic who said something like "There is no Kosovo problem because there is Albania"...


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